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Watch The Monkey King (2014) Watch32 cc

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The Monkey King Watch32 Full Movie

Watch The Monkey King Watch32 on The Monkey King Watch32, The Monkey King Putlocker, The Monkey King Viooz, The Monkey King On Watch32 Movies English Subtitles, Subtitle Indonesia, Sun Wukong, (The Monkey King) is a monkey born from a heavenly stone who acquires supernatural powers. After rebelling against heaven and being Imprisoned under a mountain for 500 years, he later accompanies the monk Xuanzang on a journey to India. Tus, According to legend, Buddhism is brought to ancient China. This much beloved story, is as much a part of Asian culture as The Iliad and The Odyssey or The Wizard of Oz are to the West. This first installment in a trilogy of live-action 3-D movies is actually a prequel to The Journey To The West, much of toll the story of the Monkey King's adventures on the road to India.
Film The Monkey King 2 2016 tells of an ape-man named Sun Wukong (Aaron Kwok) is also the first disciples of the holy monk and two other students to go west again search the Scriptures. By traveling a great many obstacles and trials of various demons who want to disrupt the holy monk.
With action and the protection of the holy monk's disciples and a variety of stealth bypassed when met by stealth skull, Sun Wukong kill the stealth stealth before the first incarnate. The monk who does not know the wiles of the angry and expel Sun Wukong because it has been calculated killing of innocent people. From there, the phantom kidnaps holy monk and can only be saved by his first disciple Sun Wukong.
Review of The Monkey King 2 (2016): Film The Monkey King 2 is a fantasy action films of Hong Kong who are appointed by the classic novel Journey to the West works of Wu Cheng'en. It is the sequel to the previous film that won the box office, the The Monkey King by Cheang Pou-soi returning as director and Sammo Hung as a steering action, which replaces the task Donnie Yen from the previous sequel. Film star Aaron Kwok, plays the main antagonist in the previous sequel, as the titular protagonist, who also replaced the Yen from the previous sequel. This film will also be shown in 3D and will be released on February 8, 2016, Watch The Monkey King Online, The Monkey King Full Movie English Subtitles, Subtitle Indonesia.
The Monkey King
  • Name :

    The Monkey King

  • Avaliable Subtitle :

    English Subtitles, Subtitle Indonesia

  • Our rating
  • Country :

    China, Hong Kong, USA

  • Directed by :

    Pou-Soi Cheang

  • Cast :

    Donnie Yen, Yun-Fat Chow, Aaron Kwok, Fan Siu-Wong

  • Genre :

    Movie / Action / Adventure / Family / 2014

  • Time :

    1h 30min

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