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Watch Welcome to Me (2014) Watch32 cc

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Welcome to Me Watch32 Full Movie

Watch Welcome to Me Watch32 on Welcome to Me Watch32, Welcome to Me Putlocker, Welcome to Me Viooz, Welcome to Me On Watch32 Movies , Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig), a mentally ill single woman living on disability benefits, and fan of Oprah Winfrey, wins the California Stack Sweepstakes lottery jackpot of $86 million. She appears on the local tv news celebrating her win, but is upset when the speech she had prepared is abruptly cut off after she mentions using masturbation as a sedative. She discontinues her medication, against the advice of her therapist, Daryl Moffat (Tim Robbins), and moves into a casino hotel with her best friend Gina Selway (Linda Cardellini).
During a vitamin supplement infomercial presented by Gabe Ruskin (Wes Bentley), Alice, who is in the studio audience, responds to his request for a volunteer, hijacks the broadcast and recites her speech once again (though is again cut off by the director). Gabe's brother Rich (James Marsden), the co-owner and manager of the studio, introduces himself and arranges a meeting to discuss Alice's idea for a tv show, at which Alice writes a cheque for $15 million to pay for 100 live-broadcast two hour episodes of a 'vanity' show about herself entitled Welcome to Me. Alice invites Gabe out on a date. Alice announces that she has given up her medication during the show's first episode, which includes a silent five-minute segment of Alice eating meatloaf cake with mashed sweet potato icing, followed by a live re-enactment of a scene from her past, with actors wearing name-cards playing herself and a friend who had betrayed her in high school. After seeing a recording, Alice decides the show looks too inexpensive and writes another cheque to bring the production values more in line with The Oprah Winfrey Show. The studio set is revamped to include a rotating stage and a replica of her house.
As the show grows in popularity, her friends and family become alienated. Rainer Ybarra (Thomas Mann), a graduate student and fan of the show, interviews Alice about her rising stardom, and the two go on a date. While recovering from second degree burns sustained in a cooking accident on the show, Alice decides to introduce a new theme of neutering dogs on the show, utilising her six years' experience as a veterinary nurse. Gabe finally quits. Rich continues to support Alice's decisions until he and the studio are threatened with various lawsuits including libel and health code violations. Rich angrily interrupts the show, demanding that Alice cancel the veterinary procedures. Alice abandons the broadcast 40 minutes early, cancels her show and settles the lawsuits, leaving her with $7 million.
Alice suffers a nervous breakdown, walking naked through the main floor of the casino. She is hospitalized and resumes her medication. After being released, she apologizes to Dr. Moffat and contacts Rich to arrange a final episode of Welcome to Me. She invites her family and Gina to the broadcast, a lavish telethon aimed at finding owners for the dogs she has neutered. In the show's last moments, Alice gives a heartfelt apology to Gina and praises her for her patience, and presents her with a check for the remaining $7 million of her lottery winnings.
Her life now back to normal, Gabe takes Alice home and gives her a camcorder as a gift. When she goes to bed, she finally turns off her television that she has left switched on continuously for over eleven years. Watch Welcome to Me Online, Welcome to Me Full Movie .
Welcome to Me
  • Name :

    Welcome to Me

  • Our rating
  • Country :

    USA, UK

  • Directed by :

    Shira Piven

  • Cast :

    Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, Linda Cardellini

  • Genre :

    Movie / Comedy / Drama / 2014

  • Time :

    87 min

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